Do you believe in MAGIC? We found it in SEDONA

Do you believe in MAGIC? We found it in SEDONA

Just a week ago, my sister and I, hereafter going to be simply called THE DEL RÍO SISTERS, set off for a weekend trip to Sedona, Arizona, just the two of us. We had decided a few weeks prior that some bonding time might be nice for us. Our paths these past few years had taken us in many directions with long separations where Facebook and minimal texting were how we stayed updated on each others lives.

I knew very little about our destination, SEDONA, the city only mentioned to me this year in casual conversation. My sister had done a girls’ Weekend trip here in Spring though, and loved it, promising me I would love it too. So this is what I knew about Sedona before agreeing to make the 7.5 hour drive from Los Angeles for a quick 2 night/2.5 day stay.

  • It was in Arizona (WHERE IT’S HOT HOT HOT and dry right now in the summertime)
  • There are lots of Nature/outdoorsy activities to partake in (hiking, climbing on rocks, more hiking)
  • The landscapes are RED and unique to the American Southwest (picturesque Red Rocks in Desert land)
  • Something about Vortexes and Energies
  • And to take it a step further, something about hippies, vegans, and ALIEN SEEKERS (The Truth is Out There)

And that’s it! In other words, I knew nothing, and I made a pact with my sister to keep it that way. I didn’t google Sedona. I didn’t plan an itinerary for us (which I love to do! On vacation I’m a planner, or at the very least I look up the main attractions for a city/town so that I’m not kicking myself later for missing something). This time around though, I relinquished my Travel Planner Title, I laid down my i-phone/google searches, and I surrendered.

I surrendered to something greater than myself, greater than THE DEL RÍO SISTERS, and that is when ALL THE MAGIC BEGAN.

Besides picking a place to stay on Airbnb one night in advance, we had not planned a thing for the entire weekend. The hot and sticky ride didn’t feel like the 7.5 hours thankfully. We arrived in Sedona close to 3PM. Tired and slightly overheated, we rested and relaxed a little, got a tour of the Lovely home we were absolutely meant to be staying the weekend in (pictures of the property below),

St. Francis

Garden Buddha

SSR Cactus

Sedona Sacred Rocks 2Sedona Sacred Rocks 1

and eased ourselves into picking some things to do based on recommendations from our Hosts. Who would know the city better than a Sedona Local anyway? Our host Meaghan provided us with a map, and tips of some of her favorite spots to visit for Hiking, Exploration, Meditation, or Sister Bonding. This is why Sedona quickly began revealing its magic to us, it had everything THE DEL RÍO SISTERS wanted. . . and also what we needed: Time.

So here is my MUST LIST of activities for you while in SEDONA:

Visit COCONINO NATIONAL FOREST. It is large and there is lots to do, different activities for your different moods. Hike the Trails, climb the Rocks, and then take a silent break somewhere to just BE. We did a Hike just before sunset, and Meditated as the sun was setting.Meditation at Sunset

I’m thankful my sister took this picture of me because I sure wasn’t thinking about snapping shots in that moment. I found my peace. I connected. And when I opened my eyes some time later, the clouds and the colors in the sky made my heart happy. Absolutely breathtaking views. Breathe The Air! Take your shoes off if you can. You’ll thank me later.  

Sunset Hike View Sedona Landscape at Sunset

The Sister took these beautiful landscape shots. Good job Celi!

If the weather is permitting, go for a swim in OAK CREEK in Oak Creek Canyon. We entered at Grasshopper Point (there is a small fee to enter the Park and parking inside is limited) and hiked down to the water. THE WATER WAS COLD, in summertime in Arizona? YES I cannot tell a lie, I screamed like a little girl upon entering. However, it warms up as you frolic around.  THE DEL RÍO SISTERS thrive in water. . . Our last name literally translates to “OF THE RIVER.” So here we are in our element. Let the waters Purify and Cleanse you. Let go of anything troubling you here. Celi in Oak Creek Ariana in Oak Creek we Frolic in Water

One of the beautiful things about a place like Sedona, is getting an Early Start to the day. Our final day in Sedona was an Early one. We woke up at 4AM, traveled with a group at 5AM to one of the very Sacred Native American sites, one that was used for ceremony often, high in the cliffs. We hiked about 45 minutes (all this happening before the SUN had come up) and when we arrived, we settled comfortably to meditate on this beautiful land, this sacred land, barefoot and with open hearts to watch the SUNRISE.

And when the SUN (EL SOL en español) peaked over the gorgeous massive rocks demanding our attention, I felt ENERGY, CONNECTION, LOVE and PEACE. In one word: MAGIC!

It is truly something special to experience all the gifts that Mother Nature has provided us with, especially in SEDONA ARIZONA, where the natural landscape draws people in, captivates and inspires.


Sedona after Sunrise

I was inspired. I was Renewed. I have only seen a handful of Sunrises in my 28 years, and this one I will remember into my old age. Of this I am certain. Most importantly, I felt Gratitude and Respect for every place visited, every element, every person who shared in the experience, especially my sister. Our bond was strengthened this weekend. We needed time spent together, in Nature (like we often did growing up on camping trips around the United States). If you only knew how many Hiking adventures we went on in the Monterey Park hills where we grew up, always braving the hills/elements together. Our twenties are nearing an end soon, my sister’s 3-0 around the corner, and

I cannot help but feel that those simpler days shaped us as girls, our Independent Spirit and Adventurous Ways blossomed then.

Something I learned on this trip is that the Magic IS IN EACH OF US, if you only believe. Trust that the life you are living right now is the one you are meant to. . . and if you want to grow, change or be inspired, you only have to declare it & open your heart to experience the changes. If you don’t know how or where to start, message/contact me. I have had quite a few people helping me navigate this year (one of them I just met while in Sedona) and I love to call this SYNCHRONICITY, not chance, not coincidence.   

Cave Energy in Sedona

Sedona Sisters

del Rio sisters at Buddha BeachOur last stop before heading back home was RED ROCK CROSSING, where a short easy hike leads you to more magical waters.

Remember, “You can’t step in the same River twice, the water’s always changing always flowing.”

Gratitude and Respect


**Please email me personally if you would like to know about the spiritually uplifting and absolutely lovely place we stayed 2 nights in. Our wonderful hosts were PHENOMENAL. I will have to return to SEDONA! 

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