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Wait? España/SPAIN? “Didn’t you just get back from México?” and that’s Europe, nada que ver con las aventuras de las tierras de las Américas (MEXICO, PERU, COSTA RICA). . .

Friends, Family, strangers. . . I’m moving to ESPAÑA, that big beautiful country (big for Europe standards) where the bulls run, the tomatoes fly and splatter on your clothing, and the late nights of Tapas & Vino turn into early mornings. I’m not talking from experience (I’ve not raced beside the bulls nor participated in the infamous Tomato Festival. . . YET), but yea I guess I do know a little something about those late nights (2008 was a great year). Back then I was living in MADRID, the capital city that hardly ever sleeps, I was a wee lass of 20 years and stepping on European soil for the first time, CURIOUS about EVERYTHING and ECSTATIC to live in Spain.

My first visit to Spain in 2008
My first visit to Spain in 2008

Bringing us back to the present. . . 2015 has been a year of awakening, a year of going for ANYTHING that I want without fear of the outcome. “NO PASA NADA” the Spanish might say. This is a phrase I first heard in Spain 7 years ago, and I’ve summoned it up over the years time and again whenever I needed to let go of the need to feel in control. Loosely translated (though not Literally) I would say it means “DON’T WORRY” or “NO NEED TO WORRY”, and I’d also equate it with the Costa Rican concept of “PURA VIDA”. Whenever I heard “NO PASA NADA”, it was a little reminder to not allow life’s stress to upset me or to make my life any less beautiful.

Growing up in California, in Los Angeles, in the United States, I have seen how many Americans live to work, as opposed to working to live. Many get caught up in the minutia/the day-to-day stress, working like good little citizens, not questioning the system. And in turn, they are STRESSED/UNHAPPY. . . Their mood changes often, they complain often about anything and everything, they are miserable humans to be around (I’ve seen this and I am also guilty of living as that MISERABLE HUMAN BEING during moments). When faced with real life challenges they damn near FALL APART because they cannot cope. I wish someone would tell all of them,


I’m telling them now, I’m telling YOU now, “NO PASA NADA”. That’s the best advice I have to give. LIFE IS SO MUCH MORE THAN: what kind of car you drive, how large your house/bank account is, how others perceive you/what others think about you. The moment you surrender to the power of “NO PASA NADA”, you have a shot at living like many Spaniards (or Costa Ricans, or Mexicanos, or happy people all around the world) . . . enjoying your life, and making it THE BEST LIFE YOU CAN.

Some of the reasons I am excited to move to SPAIN/ESPAÑA are:

  • The FOOD and WINE (ohhh the Wine. I plan on upgrading from the 1€ boxed wine we often bought)1 euro Wine in Madrid
  • The beautiful scenery, aromas and dialect/accent changes as you move from town to town/province to province
  • Speaking Español every day. I am so grateful for this, particularly because I want to continue growing my vocabulary
  • Visiting my SPANISH MAMA in Madrid (this woman housed me and my 2 roommates, cooking amazing dishes for us EVERY NIGHT and making us laugh with her eccentricities. . . let’s just say she’d knock on the door of the bathroom to tell me my time was up in the Shower. We all had to do our part to Conserve Water for SPAIN)
  • I get to invite EVERYONE TO COME VISIT in Spain, or Europe, or somewhere. . . PLEASE COME!!! Please FLY HERE and Let’s Travel!
  • I am moving to GALICIA, the Northwestern province, a place I didn’t visit but have heard so many great things about
  • I will be getting a taste of the SMALL TOWN LIFE. Having googled my tiny town of O’Corgo, there is very little information about it on the internet. Some pictures of gorgeous landscapes and natural running waters have gotten me Quite Excited though
  • I will be in EUROPE AGAIN!! With all the privileges that the Europeans have to travel economically by trains/buses/cheap weekend flight deals, I’m ready to take advantage of my time in Europe. Watch out PORTUGAL, AUSTRIA (I Will finally get to Run in the Rolling Hills singing The Sound of Music songs), DENMARK, SCOTLAND, HOLLAND, CZECH REPUBLIC, GREECE. . . etc etc etc. . . I’m coming for YOU! (Saying it out loud and on digital paper re-enforces the Manifestation)

Some of the reasons I am less excited to move to SPAIN/ESPAÑA (but really I’m gonna suck it up, I have been wanting this since 2009) are:

  • The Fookin’ Cold Winter months/weather that await me
  • The WET RAINY DAYS that await me in Galicia (I Googled Galicia and the MAP shows that the ENTIRE PROVINCE is GREEN. . . meaning, it must Rain damn near ALL THE TIME)O'Corgo on the Map of Spain
  • I’m all out. . . I have NOT A THING MORE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT.


You are probably wondering why I’m moving to Spain and for how long:

I’m moving to Spain to become an “AUXILIAR DE CONVERSACIÓN”. . . what the? It’s an assistant English teaching position. I’ll be in a classroom with students (age group unknown yet). **Bonus: the email I received states I will be teaching English and ARTS & CRAFTS! If you know me at all, you know how I have a collection of markers/colored pencils/paints that I retreat to whenever I’m feeling crafty or inspired. I think this is KISMET. . . I am ready to get artsy and dirty with paints and markers all for the cause. Since I only work 4 days a week, I will hopefully be able to do some private English tutoring classes as well as live the good life in my quaint town of O’Corgo on my free days . . .

and of course EXPLORE GALICIA, ESPAÑA & EUROPE any chance I get. Suggestions for my Holiday Break in December/January are welcome. Seriously though, tell me where I should go in Spain or Europe to experience a truly wonderful Winter Holiday.


How long will I be in Spain??  The program I am participating in goes until May 31, 2016. My Visa however, will be good for a year, so I have potentially a FULL YEAR AHEAD of me to LIVE IN ESPAÑA. I’m not making any plans this time around though, nothing definitive anyway, as I know full well from traveling in Mexico for a month that NOT PLANNING can provide you with the Best Experience, the Synchronistic Magic guiding your every step.

SALUD MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY. CHEERS. I’ll see you all in Europe right? You can rest assured that I will share my advice/photos/stories with you on This Site over the next 6months – a year. I would love to share all that I can with you about where I travel, what’s Not to Miss, and HOW I COPE WITH THE COLD. VENGA! ANDA! ALA! It’s going to be quite the adventure.


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