The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher

Can you hear the Wind? Can you feel it? Cliffside, here in MOHER, at Magic Hour when the sun is close to setting for the day, as Sun gets tired too, we experienced the incredible sights, the plunging cliffs, the Romance of Land meeting Sea. . .

We were lucky to have arrived in time for these moments, having driven hours from Dingle, then riding a quick Ferry (18 EURO cost I believe) we picked up in Tarbert,

Ferry Ride from Tarbert
Irish Ferry ride from Tarbert

which allowed us the flexibility to not drive inland/east through Limerick since our destination was coastal, The Cliffs of Moher. This quick 20 minute ferry saved us about 2 hours of driving, maybe more, because we get lost from time to time remember. We actually got lost getting to Tarbert from Dingle. Thankfully we didn’t lose too much time, we recognized that we must have taken a wrong ROUNDABOUT turn and could successfully backtrack. Beware the Roundabouts in Europe, I cannot stress this enough!!!!!

We followed the directions along the Wild Atlantic Way. . . which is Ireland’s longest Coastal stretch of road. We were chasing the light at this point, needing to arrive to Moher before the sun goes down. Whatever you do, don’t say MOHER like you think it would sound. Ask an Irish local to say it aloud, and listen to the romance as the word dances off their tongue. Sounds like MA-ER, very soft-sounding indeed. A few more wrong turns (not surprising), and a few right ones, we arrived to just enough light.

Cliffs of Moher Panorama
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

The energy here is quite special. The views are magnificent, truly, but feeling the wind all around you and hearing it whistling and wooooooo-ing through the rocks way down below, and of course the sun setting over the horizon were the highlight for me. You cannot be disappointed here. These cliffs are 214m (702 feet) at their highest point, and they go on and on for they stretch for 5 miles (or 8km). What? Can you even? Mother Nature you did it again, you left me floored.

You are uplifted. You are at peace. Who doesn’t smile at the Sea? We did, and I am ever so grateful for visiting another amazing Irish gift, because Nature is a gift indeed.

If you have time to spend here, you can take the cliffside trails that lead you to either side, and you get varying cliffside views/pictures. My pictures don’t begin to do justice to what you will see with your eyes once here, one of the most impressive natural wonders I have seen in my life, and I am truly glad to have shared it with my Momma.

momma and I Cliffs of Moher
Bundled Love at Cliffs of Moher
Listen to the wind at the Cliffs of Moher
QU-EEN at Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Momma and I at Cliffs of Moher
Sunset at Cliffs of Moher Ireland
setting sun over Moher, Ireland
Irish Cliffs of Moher

Bundle up if you plan to visit this Coastal site in the winter like we did, the ocean breeze is quite chilly, but no rain, so no complaints here.


IRELAND ADVENUTRES with my Mom from February of this year were not quite finished up when I started traveling to other places and writing about these newer trips. Stay with me. More Mexico Posts to come, and posts about my Life in España, and heck maybe even the last Ireland posts before the year’s end. MUCH LOVE! CHEERS!!

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