“CON ALEGRÍA DE VIVIR. . .” en Galicia

“CON ALEGRÍA DE VIVIR. . .” en Galicia

Sometimes we start the day on the wrong foot, allowing the strange energies in the air to cloud our Inner Sunshine. Yesterday was one of those days. I woke up feeling down, picking up on both the energy in the air and the energy of others. What was it? I had slept well. My weekend had been great so far, especially the weather in Lugo, sunny and absolutely calling for outdoor adventures. Saturday I had spent hours out in nature to disconnect from “Lugo life” and connecting with the sights and sounds of La Madre Tierra. Whether watching the birds or the grazing cows, or listening to sounds of the Río Rato and Río Miño (two rivers here in my town), my heart was happy. I swear I heard and could even smell LA PRIMAVERA/SPRING approaching.

But Sunday, yesterday, a cloud of doubt, a cloud of unknown origin was weighing on me, and the tears just came. It wasn’t even 11am, and I NEEDED TO CRY.

I tried to honor the feelings that were passing through me, and yet not let them rule my day. It’s a natural thing to not always be Happy, to not always smile and laugh. Moments of sadness or confusion come and it’s absolutely necessary to honor them. I cried, and then got up and planned my late morning/afternoon. I packed up my laptop and some snacks and headed to El Centro de Lugo for some Me-Time. Un cafecito, some time for blog writing and a gorgeous day as my backdrop sounded like the perfect way to turn my day around. I had planned to go straight to this cafe I like and get to my writing, but the weather was too great. I stopped a block away from the cafe and sat on a bench to take in the morning and all the locals passing through the city center. There were families with kids in tow on bikes, trikes, scooters and running freely. There were couples arm-in-arm strolling by. There were elderly women and men too, some walking solo (dressed to the T) and some walking in pairs or groups. It was a people-watching kind of morning and I enjoyed it so very much. The Sun beating down on me providing me with its Energy reminded me that everything passes. There is dark and then there is Light. And while on that bench, I began writing in a notebook about the weird start of my day (Sometimes getting it onto paper helps too) but it quickly turned into writing about my strengths: how I am living exactly what I called to be (7 years ago I started dreaming about Spain and living abroad) and all the blessings I have in my life presently. And as I wrote this sentence in my notebook “I will live out my Bliss and have adventures all along the way” a group of three old men walked by smiling and chatting amongst each other, and one of them loudly said “. . . CON ALEGRÍA DE VIVIR”.

I couldn’t help but feel this was a message for me, loud and clear. Translation: the man said “with happiness for Living”. Thank you Universe. I heard you loud and clear. ALA! To the cafe to write some and then meet up with a friend. Some coffees & some girl talk, and this day was feeling so much lighter. I never did get to the blog writing, because another friend invited me to an impromptu drive up to the Galician Coast. How could I say no? El día era para explorer, tan bueno que claro no se podría malgastar.  The day was one for exploring, so good that clearly, it could not be wasted.

Galician countryside2
Scenic route to the Galician Coast
Galician countryside
En ruta a la Costa de Galicia

My friend drove us through scenic countrysides of Galicia and through some forests and mountainsides as well. I WAS IN HEAVEN! Every view was a picturesque postcard of the simple life here in the north of Spain, in Galicia. How could I be so down this morning when there is such beauty in this world, all around us? From the smiling locals I was watching en el Centro this morning, to the rural lands with cows and horses spotted during the drive. . . Life is just as it should be. Life is showing me exactly what I need to see and providing me with much opportunity for spiritual growth.

Practice Gratitude. Don’t worry about what you don’t have, where you are lacking, or what others think about your path or life choices. Choose to be authentically you. Choose to see the subtle messages and the not so subtle ones from the Universe. Honor all your emotions, but don’t let the shadows each of us have overwhelm your light.

Vacas Gallegas
Estas Vacas Gallegas tienen vistas del mar

Free Grazing Galician Cows

Tomando un cafecito with this view in Ribadeo, Galicia
Tomando un cafecito with this view in Ribadeo, Galicia
QU-EEN at the Galician Sea
I thrive near the water, here at the Galician Sea
Teach a man to fish, Galician fisherman
fisherman by the Galician Sea

Galician Fisherman

Este Día, El Mar me besó
Este Día, El Mar me besó

IMG_2306That’s all she wrote for now. For more SPAIN LIFE posts, click here.  VAMOS y con CON ALEGRÍA DE VIVIR!

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