Baleal: Vistas de Mar, Salt in the air, Portugal’s quaint surftown

Baleal: Vistas de Mar, Salt in the air, Portugal’s quaint surftown

To reach Sea, for me, is to return Home! If you know me at all, you know I transform when I touch water. . . born of the water (Cancer sign), named for a body of water (del Río = of the River) and gifted with a connection to all these constant, moving, healing salty seas, flowing rivers, downpours from above, even a decadent tub bath here or there, it is this element, Água (en Português) that is the most transformative for me. While planning our destinations in Portugal, I knew we would benefit from Vistas de mar/Ocean Views and perhaps a swim too. Though I was recommended to stay in Peniche, known for its love of Surf, after further research I found Baleal (just ten minutes north of Peniche). We were destined here; I was coming Home!

Meet Land & Sea, in Baleal:

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What surprised me most about BALEAL, a small surf town, was its peace and quiet. Our lovely B&B directly overlooked the ocean. A perfect spot for us, it was the most secluded of all the homes about 5-10 minutes walking distance from the beach and cafes/restaurants. When we arrived to Baleal at night, the wind whipped and whirled all around us and the air smelled of salt. I couldn’t wait to dip my toes in the water and walk/run/enjoy the beach with the family. This was not peak season, which also means this wasn’t exactly Beach Weather. As you can tell by the photos, at times it was cloudy and cool, cold even. It could have been warmer if it wasn’t for all the wind. This didn’t make our experience any less Magical though.

My momma and I explored the area together (sister was sick in the Hotel). I took to the nearby rocky cliffs for some of my favorite photographs of the entire trip. Then we sunbathed (while the sun was out) for a bit on some cliffs, watching the fishing boats out on the water and listening to all the sounds of the Sea. My momma even recorded the ocean, sounds of the powerful yet calming waves and the local birds. Later, we walked to the beach where finally we touched the Portuguese águas. The water wasn’t that cold, but the wind did deter me from swimming. I was bathing suit ready, but couldn’t bring myself to enter the water. We collected seashells though (a favorite pastime of mine), and I was amazed at the variety of colors and designs. If you think fashion is cool, look at the details in the Earth, which produces the most vibrant colors and the most detailed patterns and shapes.

It was my meditation this day, connecting with the Earth, the smallest details She provides didn’t go unnoticed.

We had to be moving around continuously to not feel cold. Bundled but barefoot, I touched the waters and gave gratitude for the experience. I imagine this beach is full of both Surfers and Travelers in the warmer months, but I liked the quiet feel. I would say March is a great time to check out this Coastal town, especially if you like to feel like you are the only one at the beach. When we reached the towering wavelike cliffs further away from where they were holding surfing lessons, there was not a soul near. Depending on the tide at that time of day, you could walk quite far down the beach and feel tiny, where the land meets the sea. Baleal was all ours.

Colorful Baleal, Portugal

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I’ve got nothing but love and light for each of you

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All photos taken MARCH 2016- ARIANA DEL RÍO

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