Portugal’s Coast in Baleal, a perfect del Río getaway

Portugal’s Coast in Baleal, a perfect del Río getaway

Baleal isn’t exactly a leading destination in Portugal, though it’s not completely off the grid either. It was however the perfect choice for a Coastal Getaway during our #delriosTakePortugal Roadtrip. A cooky Portuguese Vegan Restaurant owner in Galicia (Spain) recommended I visit Peniche if roadtrippin through Portugal (highlighting that it’s not touristy, nor pretentious . . .) After further research I came upon Baleal, mainly when I saw the reviews for CASA DE MARÉS 3. Rave reviews about this hotel/B&B (with incredible views of the ocean that would make anyone feel like they had escaped from the grind to a little haven) inspired our 2 night stay here. They weren’t lying. 

Getaway to Casa da Máres 3, Baleal


Vitor Laranjeira was an extremely kind and attentive host to us. To give you an idea, he made tea several times for my sister who was ill in the room for nearly two days. Here at Casa de Máres, there are 3 separate B&Bs run by different owners. After finding the location on Trip Advisor, I emailed with the different owners and booked with Vitor at Casa de Máres 3 who accommodated the 3 of us by adding an extra bed in our spacious room for a low cost per night. I can assure you that we thoroughly enjoyed our choice. We slept in a big comfortable bed, had warm showers each day and loved the great views from our room and the breakfast patio. Speaking of that. . .

A good day often begins with a good breakfast, and in Baleal we had our breakfast on the patio with a serene ocean view. A breakfast of eggs, toast with jam, ham and cheese, delicious fruit, coffee and juice were included in the price of the B&B. I couldn’t believe what a lovely spread we were privileged to. What more could you want? There was sunshine too. Later in the day we found a cafe near the beach which offered great pressed chicken sandwiches. Accompanied with Port Wine (which we loved ever since visiting Porto), it was another meal we could call great. Sweet wine of the Portuguese, how you have found your way to our hearts. When we finished the sandwich (which we shared) and the wine, we both looked at each other and agreed another sandwich and a second glass of Port for each was in order. By the beach, everything is better, the sandwich more delicious and the wine more relaxing. I could have stayed even longer in this cute town, and possibly learned to surf.

Baleal's Breakfast complete with Ocean Views

Surf’s Up

Baleal's Perfect Seas Visit Baleal for a perfect GetawaySurf Lessons in Baleal Portugal

Getaway to Baleal's CoastlineTake up a surf class and suit up (in a wet suit) to withstand the cold water. Momma and I watched the brave students from the sand. In the late afternoon, the clouds came and the wind picked up. Enter the water if you dare. I couldn’t this time, too cold for my South of the Equator Seas’ Bias!! I wasn’t always partial to these warmest of oceans (in Miami, Costa Rica, Mexico), having grown up swimming in Southern California’s beaches whose waters aren’t the warmest. . . But the Atlantic coast, well that’s a whole other body of water that my body wasn’t ready for. Instead, we walked along the beach together, wrote in the sands and retired when the evening chilled us (and we had to check on the sick one back at the hotel). What peace. What tranquility. The only complaint of the entire experience in Baleal was that parts of the beach had lots of trash from the surfers. Random plastic parts of surfboards, cans/bottles of drinks, and other unattractive TRASH had washed up on the shores.

Taking care of your beaches/playas/praias that you frequent (if you’re a TOURIST or a LOCAL) is really important. Taking pride in the natural beauty and gift that is this salt water heaven is so very important.

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I hope you get to see Baleal’s beauty, or another part of Portugal’s Coast some day soon. I am grateful to have experienced it, such a lovely Getaway & with the greatest company. Until the next one, I’ve got nothing but for love for you my friends


All photos taken MARCH 2016- ARIANA DEL RÍO


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