I’m trying something NEW this year because I haven’t done a post before about MY GOALS & INTENTIONS FOR THE YEAR, but I felt inspired to write them to paper and then share them with all of you. 2016 was such a blessed year (which you can read about in my Recap post) that I would like to continue living my life in such a manner that every year be full of MAGIC and ADVENTURE, GROWTH and SPIRITUALITY. Setting Intentions for a month, for a season, or for the whole year is a beautiful way to let Universe know what it is you want. . . and what you will be working towards.

So here are my 2017 SOUL INTENTIONS:

Qu-een treks into Moroccan Desert


If you know me at all, you know that I’m on a soul mission to Travel por EL MUNDO, but I have some specific goals for my 2017 Travels.

  • I WANT TO TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF EUROPE:  Europe has given me so much in 2015 and 2016. It has allowed me to be the full-blown independent woman that I am, working in España and moving constantly where wind takes me to see new countries and revisit oldies but goodies. I am exactly where I am meant to be in the world at this present moment, but I am thinking that 2017 could be a BIG YEAR for exploring other continents. Some ideas I have. . . but of course, I’m just throwing these into the Universe at the moment: JAPAN, THAILAND and ISRAEL are at the top of my list for the Asian Continent. Revisiting MOROCCO and going into the African Jungle (not sure which country yet) to volunteer with animals (especially with Elephants if possible) are ideas for traveling in the African Continent. Traveling in the Americas will be likely in the Southwestern UNITED STATES and the Northwest of my beloved MÉXICO. I must say, it feels great to say these things out loud and write them on this little space I have on the web because I have witnessed that we MANIFEST OUR DREAMS by truly believing them.
  • I WANT TO RETURN TO ITALIA IN SPRING OR SUMMER:  Last year I spontaneously planned a trip to Italia to spend more time with my favorite Roman in the city of ROMA (just click it)!  Roma for me was the perfect city to explore in late summer where the heart and the belly indulged. I had an insider with me all along which made it a completely authentic journey, one that I will never forget. I also stayed nearly a week in the Tuscan region in Sassi, where I did my final Workaway of the year. I was treated so wonderfully by the Italian Family there and I’m extremely grateful for the things they taught me about Vegan Cooking, Health and Healing, and also how open they were to share life stories and goals. I know my spirit wants to return to this beautiful country so I’m putting the Universe on alert that I’d love to be on some Italian Coast later this year.
  • I WANT TO ROADTRIP WITHIN GALICIA, ESPAÑA:  I shared recently with some of you that I plan to live another year in SPAIN, but I am planning on leaving the region of Galicia after this school-year. I have meditated on this for quite some time, especially during the recent holiday, and so it seems that with limited time left in Galicia I must take a Roadtrip this year and see more of its treasures. A few places I have in mind: AS CATEDRAIS, AS MEDULAS, A GUARDA to chase some of the Celtic ruins and the most beautiful Bench in the World in LOIBA (in Ortigueira, A Coruña).
    Galicia's Flag
    Galicia’s Flag
  • I WANT TO TRAVEL THROUGHOUT CALIFORNIA AND SURROUNDING: I’m going home for part of the summer, to that place where everybody knows my name. I’m excited and nervous too, but I think that’s a good thing. It’s going to be a time to reacquaint myself with driving (haven’t driven in 14+ months) in that big and busy city that is Los Angeles. I am going to balance this by leaving the city and visiting some places in California that are on the top of my travel list, natural places like The Redwoods and Yosemite National Park. I used to go camping every year as a child and I’d love to get back to that simplicity, appreciating the Natural Wonders of CA’s backyard. Maybe a road trip in the southwest could lead me to New México too, where I’ll have a reunion with my Inca Sister.
  • I WANT TO VISIT MORE COUNTRIES THAN I DID IN 2016:  For selfish reasons, I want to continue to be inspired by the people and the places that I go. I visited 10 countries last year, so 2017 will have to be a year FULL OF TRAVEL for me to achieve this goal. I think it’s possible though. I have already been to DENMARK & GERMANY (just click it)this year, since I spent New Years in København (Copenhagen) Danmark and the first part of the year in my favorite Deutsch city, Berlin!! Soooooo, I’m going to say it’s within my grasp.Baleal, Portugal's CoastNetherlands PerfectionSnowy Berlin in Winter, DeutschlandBraga, Portugal


Looks like I will be going home in early July to Sunny California, and seeing as my birthday is in that same month and I’ll be turning that nice and round number of 3-0 this year, I have made up my mind that I will celebrate it somewhere special, perhaps not in LA (this in no way means that LA is not special). It just feels like it’s a BIG 3 and a BIG 0 that deserve a haven to spend some quality time with people I love. I won’t give away too many details because it’s still something that is in the works; in my mind I have big plans. It could change or develop into whatever it is meant to be without consulting me, so you’ll just have to wait until July to find out. . . I know it will be a wonderful adventure though!


It has now been 14 months that I have been living in España, give or take. Technically I was away for 3 complete months during my summer travels, but the point is I LIVE IN SPAIN! I made a dream of mine reality. I took some risks by abandoning my previous career to come teach English in Galicia and I haven’t looked back once. It’s been the best decision I could have made and it occurred in right timing. The Universe aligned me with this opportunity to leave the U.S. precisely when I was ready for it, and ready for all the changes it would bring me. I sent in my application already for another year of teaching in Spain, but I won’t be returning to Galicia. I have requested a new region and sometime in May I should know my placement. I feel really good about the decision to change things up a bit again. Where VIENTO takes me in España is up to Universe and you’ll all be the first to know after my Momma when I find out. VENGA! ANDA! ALÁ! Many more parts of España are waiting for me to explore them; I cannot wait to fall in love with new cities, towns, seas, beaches, people, villages, accents, etc. . .  this QU-EEN is ready for this journey to continue.

Views of Isla Cíes, Galicia, SpainMontserrat, Catalunya, SpainA Coruña, Galicia, España


I’ve always had a big mouth. . . in other words, I have always had a lot to say. I’m proud of this quality. It means that there were people in my life that allowed me to speak my mind from a young age and fostered my writing. With time I took to this medium, the blog/internet world to express myself and to share stories about travel. It’s been almost 2 years since I wrote my first blog post introducing myself as QU-EEN, and I’ve learned a lot about myself through my writing. I love writing. I love writing about the thing I love, which is travel. I hope that through the years I continue my musings, sharing inspirations, anecdotes and photos from my trips as a blogger. I would like you to SUBSCRIBE (look on the Right hand column on the top of this page, type in your email and click the SUBSCRIBE button) if you support me on this creative journey. It means a lot. It means there are still people willing to listen to a good ‘ol storyteller. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Moon Goddess in Essaouira, Morocco
Moon Goddess in Essaouira, Morocco

QU-EEN's journeys continue


I have my reasons. . . let’s just say, I put French on hold and switched to ITALIAN. On my free time, I have been dabbling in the DUOLINGO APP to learn l’italiano. I also get daily emails with new vocabulary words which I write in a notebook I have. I also have the pleasure of having my own personal Google Translator/my Roman for help with the language. I love the challenge, and believe me IT IS A CHALLENGE! Speaking one Latin-based language already (español) helps, and even some of the French I know and Galego I hear in Galicia have helped me dive into the language. That’s all I can do really is DIVE IN. I’m just a beginner but I’m going to make it a priority this year to progress in this language, which will come in handy quando ritornerò nella Bella Italia quest’anno.

a perfect weekend in Orvieto Italia
The countryside of ORVIETO, Italia
Interior of Rome's Colosseum in Italy
The Colosseum di ROMA, Italia


Unexpected GIFTS are often the best ones. He has been my unexpected Gift. He is a big reason that I smile so bright in my pictures while traveling. Travel in four countries together so far, summer to autumn to these past winter holidays have been a great exploration in Europe, but also of soul exploration. All one can do is surrender to the present . . . and that’s just what I’m doing, mio Romano.

Roman in Rome, Italy
Winter Wonderland in Berlin, Germany


It’s all too easy sometimes to give in to the low energies: complaining, gossiping, self-deprecating, letting fear and anger hold too high a place in our day-to-day life. I want this year to be more dedicated to the HIGHER ENERGIES such as self-care, respect of others and self, joy, laughter, recognition of our daily blessings, respect of Nature, living our truth and being AWARE and OPEN to signs and messages to help us reach our highest purpose. . . and practicing Gratitude and Love, DAILY! Not in some future, but today and every day I want to show others (and myself) that I love and thank them for their presence in my life. I don’t believe we came to TIERRA to stick it out alone. I believe we need our support system too, friends and loved ones, no matter how close or far away they are in the world (some of the most important people to me are physically very far right now). I can also show gratitude for technology making it possible to stay connected with each of them. Y GRACIAS/DANKE/GRAZIE/MERCI/THANK YOU to those rocks in my life, you know who you are.

Some days, I can’t hardly believe I am a woman moving through time, experiencing and exchanging day in and day out, living and breathing EVERYTHING. I am more open for blessings and lessons because I have been hurt, because I have left places and people that I have loved, because I see that the light shines in many many of us, an innumerable count even, and loving many with truest heart is a great thing. So I hope I can take each day, each blessing, each meal, hour, ride, walk in the rain or by the river, each kiss, squeeze, embrace, every every moment for what it is: A BEAUTIFUL LIFE I AM CREATING AND LIVING SIMULTANEOUSLY. . . we are the Architects/Engineers/Designers of our truest life. I believe in you and me: Here’s to 2017!!

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