Sverige is SWEDEN, a quickie day in Malmö

Sverige is SWEDEN, a quickie day in Malmö

Did you know that Denmark’s Copenhagen has a nearby lover and her name is Malmö? These lovers exchange longing stares across the waters and she bats her eyelashes at all hours of the day in seduction. They blow kisses too, which VIENTO carries swiftly to the other. It matters not the season, for there is always love between them. He is that powerful capital of Denmark, where I ventured for just under a week in December. . . while She is much more understated in her poise, her natural beauty, though she comes from a vast kingdom, at least 10 times the size of his. She resides in the very south of SVERIGE (which apparently is SWEDEN!!!) What the Hell?!! How is it possible that I have spent 29 years of life on this EARTH/TERRA and have not properly known the names of countries because for the Brits/Americans it was more convenient to call other nations by Anglicized Names? So DEUTSCHLAND became Germany, and DANMARK became DenmarkESPAÑA became Spain. . .  and SVERIGE became Sweden. . .?? ugggghhh!!! Well I’ll tell you I don’t like it one bit. Sorry I have veered off topic, but it gets under my skin when I feel like I’m playing catch up. I consider myself educated, always thirsting for more knowledge, especially SOBRE EL MUNDO y OTRAS CULTURAS and I’m still trying to understand what our role is as the up-and-coming youth, more aware of centuries of Wrongs

After all, I am that bright-eyed, “ready to shake things up” kind of QU-EEN and Female Traveler

MALMÖ the fairest Goddess of the South with outstretched arms reaches towards KØBENHAVN (Copenhagen), whose arms reciprocate toward their lover. Their embrace is in the touch of the tips of their fingers, as two Nordic cities are now connected by one very convenient Bridge… the Øresund Bridge:

Map of Copenhagen & Malmö's proximity
Lovers in the Nordic

My Roman had suggested a day trip to Sverige from København, since it was just a short train or bus ride (about 1-1.5hr). ANOTHER COUNTRY/OTRO PAÍS and so close by? I thought it a great suggestion and couldn’t wait to cross over into Malmö. We took a 5 euro Flixbus early in the morning, which I highly recommend. Flixbus was punctual, comfortable and cheap. LOVE THAT! ***Important to note: you must have proper identification with you that proves you can travel in Europe & Sweden specifically. For me it was my passport, for the Roman his Italian ID card, which we showed to the officers that came on our bus at the Border Control.

Let’s go to MALMÖ… and border crossing into Sweden

When we arrived in Malmö nearly everything was closed still. It wasn’t even 9am yet, so we walked 10 minutes over to the city center, picked out our cafe for breakfast and then waited patiently for 15 minutes for the doors to open. The most imperative thing was to get some coffee and food, then we searched online for a few places that were of interest (café had wifi). Already in the city center, actually in the Stortorget/Main Square of Malmö we explored where intuition took us. Just a few streets away we came to the Oldest Square in Malmö, Lilla Torg or literally “little square”. This area has some shops, lots of restaurants too, and most importantly picturesque streets. Then as if it was planned, we ended up in the most beautiful and natural parts of the city of Malmö. The Malmö City Library, or Stadsbibliotek, is a good reference point. If you walk towards it, you’ll find bridges crossing small rivers full of local birds and you’ll feel pure peace and tranquility. In fact, the Roman said the areas of KUNGSPARKEN & SLOTTSPARKEN were much like New York’s Central Park. I didn’t expect this city would be so naturally beautiful, even on this very gloomy and slightly wet day. 

The Stortorget in Malmö, Sweden
The Stortorget/Main Square in Malmö

Winter in Malmo
The Roman, and Christmasy Feels in Malmö
Cute Swedish Homes
More traditional streets can be found at Lilla Torg, Malmö
More traditional streets can be found at Lilla Torg, Malmö
Malmö's Kungsparken and Stadsbibliotek
Stadsbibliotek/Malmö City Library surrounded by a natural setting in Kungsparken
Nature is the star in Malmö, Sweden
Reflective moments in Natural Malmö
Walks in Kungsparken, Malmö, Sweden
Kungsparken Views
Natural Woods of Malmö, Sweden
Into the Woods we go
Kungsparken, natural woods in the Middle of Malmo, Sweden
Kungsparken was my favorite part of the city

It was raining for part of the day, which meant I took out my camera much less, which was perfect. Imagine visiting a city and using your eyes more than anything else to see and experience and create memory. In 2017 when we almost don’t consider a memory even happened if it’s not documented on some form of social media?

YES!!! I can attest that I truly saw and lived that day in MALMÖ more authentically in those moments I put down the Camera Lens.  #bepresent

We spent the entire day walking around Malmö. The only times we sat down were at breakfast and in the afternoon when we found a pair of swings near an old windmill in Kungsparken. This was actually the best spot in the park. If you make your way over to the windmill, just behind it there is a little building with a garden and a large tree from which two swings were hanging just for us. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more relaxing for me in a park than swinging and being completely in the moment. Brings me back to the greatest memories of swinging under a massive tree at my grandma’s house as a little girl, trying to swing higher and higher to feel like I was flying, and then other times swinging SO VERY SLOWLY/ TAN LENTAMENTE, taking in that moment in her backyard like there was no other place in the world that mattered. In the evening it got colder and we retreated into the beautiful local church: Sankt Petri kyrka, the temperature dropping as night came. That church was our little haven; we stayed warm and rested for a bit before our train ride back to Denmark. Stunning both inside and outside, inside they were preparing for the church’s New Year’s Eve services: lighting candles and placing the hymn books in the pews. When churchgoers started making their way inside, we quietly slipped out and walked over to the train station, saying goodbye to both Malmö and Sverige.

Malmo moments, Sweden/Sverige

Malmö's Architecture
Bold architecture including Sankt Petri kyrka/St. Peter’s Church
Enjoy the streets of Malmö, Sweden
Enjoy the Cutest streets of Malmo
Swedish streets of Malmö
Malmö’s colorful homes

What a day. . . I have a feeling this city is just as lovely to visit during Spring and Summer too. Since this city has Coast, it has some beaches can be enjoyed in the warmer seasons. I can only imagine that the parks, like our favorite Kungsparken, are also more lively with people, greener and full of flowers and sunshine(though I loved the tranquility that we found being there in the dead of Winter). The Natural spaces within the city Malmö are something to truly admire about the Nordic countries. Within city, you are never too far from a small retreat into the woods. TACK SVERIGE / THANKS SWEDEN!

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All photos taken DEC 2016 – ARIANA DEL RÍO.

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  1. My aunt is from Sweden and she always had that red candle stand out at Christmas. I LOVE the quaint homes along the cobblestone streets. I’m saving this for my future trip to Sweden…some day!


      It was so beautiful. The little quieter and quaint street were my favorite. I wasn’t into the busier shopping areas. Natural beauty was really nice to find all over the city!

  2. ah I want to visit Malmo so badly!! Your pictures make me want to go even more! Looks so beautiful 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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