HASTA LOGO GALICIA. . . e Moitas Graciñas!

HASTA LOGO GALICIA. . . e Moitas Graciñas!

Adios no me gusta. . . prefiero decir mil veces HASTA LOGO (See you later) Galicia. Galicia, oh how you’ve shaped me and filled my heart. Galicia, there is no place quite like you. You think you know Spain? Do you know Galicia, really know it? Galicia es un tesoro en España, un regalo del Universo en estos 18 meses, el nicho donde todas mis aventuras como expatriota empezaron y aun siguen, fermosa Galicia que guarda el Río Miño, a néboa ampla, montañas, prados, campos, castañas, vino sagrado como el Albariño, Ribera del duero, Mencía y más, tapiñas y pinchiños, vacas, quiexos, quiexos, os quiexos riquiños, y o acento tan cantarín.

Galicia que guarda costumbres y cosas sencillas como las conversaciones, el cotilleo, el tiempo con familia, paseos por las aldeas, paseos en la plaza mayor, crianza de animales para luego comerlos en platos típicos, para hacer los chorizos (la Matanza), los cocidos, el butelo, las filloas, la tortilla, y un mogollón más. . .

Donde los Galegos se caguen en todo (Me cago en la leche, la ostia, el mar, en diez…) Donde el volumen sube con el ánimo, qué expresivos que son, y encantadores. Donde la fiesta empieza sobre las doce de la noche y acaba por la madrugada, después de compartir muchas cañas/muchos vinos. Donde la resaca es común. Porque sí. ¡Venga, Anda, Ala!

Bien que sé que mi sitio fue aqui, mi sitio de aprendizaje, mi sitio de desarollo mental y espiritual, el sitio de contemplación, para hacer preguntas sobre mi camino, para hacer preguntas sobre el “por que” de todo, sobre el “amor”, sobre la alegría y el dolor, sobre “el estado natural de los seres humanos”, la luz y la sombra, los ciclos de la naturaleza y del mundo, y nuestros ciclos, y mis ciclos. And speaking of cycles of life, I’ve come full circle in these 18 months. It’s time to say Hasta Logo/ See you later to my home here in Galicia. It’s been one hell of a ride. It’s been everything my soul needed and more. It’s been a baptism by fire (or better said by Fog) and it is certainly a bittersweet goodbye. I’m terrible at them: goodbyes. If I don’t drown in my own tears then I blubber sufficiently in between smiles/laughter and avoid letting go of all the people who shared their love, instead taking each of them with me as far as I travel, for as long as possible. I’ll take a few Galegos with me on my next journey as a teacher on the islands, ILLES BALEARS (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera though I know not which one I will call future home). . . I will take such great memories of our time together, an abundance of gifts and open hearts and homes from these Gallegos, the ones I’m taking with me. Whether by sea, by river, out for tapas, or around a home-cooked meal, I have spent beautiful days and nights in this place, Fermosa Galicia and Lugo. Even the solo afternoons drinking Vermouth con hielo (con un trozo de naranja y un aceituna/with a slice of orange and an olive) o un cafe con leche (a latte), sitting next to a table of classy older women well into their 70s and 80s often drinking the same. Age knows no boundaries, and neither do we. When you set the intention, you can manifest anything, absolutely anything. This is the life I manifested in these 18 months, the one I will not trade for anything.

Galicia in Photos

A Coruña views, Galicia
Galego friend for Life, Love you XABI
Costa de Lugo, Galicia España
Sometimes the candid shot is the best; Lugo’s perfect Coast
Portomarín, Galicia Spain
Río Miño views in Portomarín, Galicia
Toxo, flores mágicas en Galicia
Toxo the most beautiful Spring flower in Galicia
Traditional Feira (Festival) Foods, Galicia
Traditional Feira (Festival) Foods
countryside of Galicia
Fresh Air and Countryside

Friol, pueblo de Galicia, Spain
Explorando los Pueblos de Galicia; Friol
QU-EEN in her Element in the Woods of Lugo, España
In my Element in the Woods of Lugo
Sunset/Atardecer is mother Nature’s gift; birdwatching in Islas Cíes
Castro Santa Trega A Guarda
O'Corgo Views, Galicia, Spain
O’Corgo Views, aldea de mi Colegio estos 2 años
Woodsy Ribadavía Galicia was just Magical
Woodsy Ribadavía was just Magical
Baiona Views Galicia
Islas Cíes Views from Baiona
Lugo's Río Miño, Galicia Spain
Last stroll along the Río Miño, life source and energizing body of water in Galicia
Playa de las Catedrales, Galicia Spain
Praia As Catedrais (Playa de las Catedrales), GALICIA

Expat in Galicia, Spain

Expat in Galicia, Spain

Expat in Lugo Galicia, Spain

Expat in Galicia, Spain

A Second Cheat Sheet for living in GALICIA:

***You can read A Cheat Sheet for living in GALICIA by clicking here.

AS CASTREXAS- the Celts, origins of many Galician people

TIENE BUENA PINTA- expression to say something “looks good” or “appetizing” (usually referring to food)

QUE APROVEITE- the Galego version of Bon Appétit

BOS DÍAS- Galego for Good Morning

BUAAAAAA- expression: similar to Buuuuuuuuuf

PONER LOS CUERNOS- expression: literally “to put the horns on” but is used to say that someone cheated in a relationship

HECHO QUE HAY- expression for “it is what it is”

QUE FAGO?? / QUE FAY??-  What do I do? / What is he/she doing? (My Galego student’s say these all the time)

EO NO FU- (It wasn’t me!!!   aw the kiddies would say this a lot too, because none of them wanted to get caught)

QUE VA or the longer QUE VAAAAAAAAAAAAA (stretched out and exaggerated) or QUE VA QUE VA QUE VA (repeated for emphasis)- No Way/ Noooooooo

NO TE PASES- don’t get carried away

ME IMPORTA UN PEPINO, UN RABANO (because traditionally these were foods for the animals/pigs)- expression literally “I don’t care even a Cucumber/a Raddish”, but means the equivalent of “I don’t give a fuck”

una chorrada- nonsense/ some insignificant thing

una pasada/qué pasada- something ridiculous or over the top / how ridiculous

animalada- something that is out of control

chiflarse/me chifla- when you really like something/go crazy for/freak out for

me mola- i love it

flipar- when you really like something/go crazy for/freak out for

me parto- dying of laughter

tocar las narices- literally to touch someone’s nose, but means to mess with someone/to fuck with someone

tocar los cojones- literally to touch someone’s balls, but means to mess with someone/to fuck with someone

una cotilla- a nosey person/a gossip

un cotilleo- the act of gossiping

la bandilla- the gang/group of friends

rollo/qué rollo- your mood/your vibes  ie. tiene buen rollo, o mal rollo/ to have good vibes or a good mood, or bad vibes or a bad mood

un pavo- a dude

pavos- money

el mundo es un pañuelo– literally “the world is a handkerchief” but means “it’s a small world”

ser como un pino-  ser muy unidos, to be a close-nit group like the needles on a pinecone

una Meiga- a Witch

una pija/un pijo- someone with daddy’s money usually. Someone who is rich and stuck up

mofletes- chubby cheeks (could be used as a term of endearment)

Vaya por Dios- Oh my God

Vamos allá (they talk to themselves a lot and motivate themselves, whether out loud or when no one is around)- Right, let’s go! Right, let’s do this.

my Journey in Spain/España and Galicia

Moitas Graciñas GALICIA y Hasta Logo! Vamos allá, porque esta QU-EEN no parará!

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  1. Me has emocionado. Siempre en mi corazón. E se chove, que chova!!! Bicos mil.

  2. Gorgeous photographs. I wish i understood your emotions that you have tried to portray from your native language as it looks like you are really attached to Galicia.

  3. It looks like a gorgeous place, I can imagine it’s hard to leave!

  4. What a beautiful place! So sad you have to say goodbye but so wonderful to have the great memories. The countryside is just breathtaking.

  5. Loving the Galician expressions at the end of this post! You have some great photos, and your love for Galicia shines through. I hope your next experience in the Islas Baleares is as great!

  6. Beautiful photos, it’s obvious that you’ve had some special time in Galicia. And those children are so cute! Best of luck! 🙂

  7. It looks like a beautiful area and I can see why you are so sad to leave!

  8. A Beautiful love letter to Galicia! I am Spanish (from Sevilla) and still don’t know the North of Spain, shame on me! But your photos and your text are really inspiring. I hope I can visit Galicia soon! Besos!

  9. You looked like you had the most incredible year! It must have been hard to say leave after all those amazing memories. Great photos, by the way! 🙂

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