30 Photos from Iceland to Make You Swoon: Summer Vibes

30 Photos from Iceland to Make You Swoon: Summer Vibes

How do you travel dream? Do you close your eyes and visualize forms that turn into towns and cities, colors that turn into landscapes; perhaps you hear the silence of a place so untouched that only Wind makes herself known. Maybe it’s the smells, salty ocean air or sweetly subtle aromatic flowers in full summer bloom. Maybe you imagine yourself walking around a new place with beginner’s eyes, open heart, curious mind, as if this particular travel was a necessity for Soul Expansion. Your visions are brewing, percolating, and then follows the endless moments of thinking about that place, the one from your dreams, the one whose name you have inked into your notebook for Manifestation. Then, as if the Universe is conspiring in your absolute favor, you are reminded of this place throughout the weeks and months. Reminders greet you even when you aren’t searching.

You hear the country call you, consistently, until the day arrives that you know intuitively that it’s time. ÍSLAND / ICELAND!

And then all the days leading up to the trip your mind takes you there in your dreams and in your waking life, this place where the magic lives. You think about how you have listened to heart and Universe and hope you have made the right decision. For me, Iceland was about encountering pure and unaltered spaces, traveling to give myself both the freedom and the challenge to TRAVEL SOLO in another foreign country, traveling somewhere I would connect with my goddess and feel gratitude for the perfection of this planet we have been gifted for a time. Behold the undeniable perfection of Iceland.


Southern Coast of Iceland's Lupín (Lupine) flowers in full Summer bloom
Fields of Lupín Flowers everywhere, in all corners of the Island
Snæfellsnes peninsula Kirkjufell Iceland
Snæfellsnes peninsula’s is a must to explore, Kirkjufell unmatched in its summer beauty
Jökulsárlón, Glacier Lagoon in Southern Iceland
Jökulsárlón, Iceland’s most majestic Glacier Lagoon feels of another Planet
A natural backdrop for Ben Stiller’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”
Hverfjall, the tuff ring Volcano felt like another planet

While still airborne, purple shades blanketed the land. During our descent I could see more clearly fields of flowers in striking contrast to the green and brown earthy tones. Oh the Lupín (in Icelandic, Lupine in English) flowers of this magical island: the color of Crown Chakra, color of royalty, color that lifts your mood instantly. You couldn’t feel lonely in the Icelandic Summer, just a short journey to your very own endless purple comfort blanket. Be respectful when seeking that perfect photo spot. Try to use the paths already forged by previous visitors. Leaving as small a footprint as you can pleases Mother Earth and the locals. But whatever you do, smell the purple flowers. On my first encounter I had been driving and decided it was too beautiful, I just had to pull over my rental car (safely mind you). I ran up to them, took deep breaths, a huge grin painted across my face. In their midst, I was welcomed. This island was already gifting me the most simple things, as a moment in Nature. Speaking of. . .














The sunlight never dissipates giving you full reign to explore this place. . .

this magnificent country that is ICELAND

Kirkjufell has Presence

Fjaðrárgljúfur, dates back to the Ice Age, just a few million years ago

Inner Child rejoicing over these EPIC GLACIER VIEWS

Let us not forget that each of us has an Inner Child who wants to be heard, set free, and here mine roamed where she willed. She danced. She sang her ass off. She went up to animals and let them see her. She cried from the beauty. She smiled through and through. She swam in water like it was an extension of her, the Element VATN always a signal of blessings, of true purpose and healing for me personally. Nearly every shade and hue of blue… milky, foggy, crystalline, electric, turquoise, sky and transparent were witnessed. What a blessing. Geometry plays its role here too, in the angular cliffside and mountaintop, the stark architecture in city and towns alike, the basalt columns formed by volcanos, the round sheep bottoms.

Inspired by Iceland. Energized by Sun. Since it’s summer in Iceland, you don’t have to worry about time escaping you. You have time on your side. Bask in the MIDNIGHT SUN, it’s real. It’s 24 hours of light. I found myself not sleeping full nights, but instead napping whenever I was tired and continuing to explore whenever I was wide awake. At 11 at night or even Midnight it’s still fully bright outside. I can’t fully explain the sensation. It’s something that seems to defy logic, it goes against everything you have known before. Sun sets. Darkness comes, with moon and stars, right? Not now though. Not here. Embrace it. At around 2 or 3 in the morning, sun technically starts “rising” again brightening up the place again, but it’s all relative, because except for one night on a mountain underneath the rain clouds, I never knew it was actually night. Falling asleep wasn’t a problem for me because I’d be tired from long travel days and drives too, but people can’t always cope. Bring eye masks to trick yourself into sleep. Every morning I’d wake up between 5 and 6 ready again to take on the new day. Most days felt like several days woven together. Time surely works different here. So stop looking at your watch. Forget about plans. Just go with it. The best adventures are the spontaneous ones afterall.

My first encounter with the sweetest Icelandic horses
Somewhere along the southern Coast’s Ring Road

Somewhere in Iceland

A worthy hike to Svartifoss, the waterfall whose basalt formations stun
Stormy feels at Diamond Beach, South Eastern Region of Iceland
In Myvatn, I am the conductor of this Orchestra
Víti Lake and Crater in the Active Volcanic Zone Krafla

I never really knew where I headed each morning. This trip was really organic. Besides the first night’s sleep in Reykjavik, I hadn’t booked any other accommodations. I had though booked my rental car, because this island is best seen by car. I had some incredible adventures in my little rental, which I will talk about in a future post, and you will too. My rental took me to the Northwest, North, Northeast, back Northwest and then through the Golden Circle route and back south near Reykjavik. And yes, it was roughly in that order. I had scribbled notes of points of interest in a travel notebook and then the car and roads took me. They didn’t disappoint. Not a thing on the whole island disappointed, and you know why, because I left my expectations tucked away in a suitcase wasn’t coming all this way with me. I was open. I was listening to Wind. We have this power, this incredible intuition that we can tune into whenever we want. We have forgotten. We have quieted or ignored that voice many times over though. TUNE IN. You will never be led astray.

Goðafoss, in Icelandic means “Waterfall of the Gods”
Husavík in Northern Iceland boasts the best whale watching region on the island
Almost Midnight at Snæfellsnes Peninsula’s Búðakirkja (Black Church), which sits alone in a field of lava

One more very important element to this amazing trip was meeting a fellow solo traveler on an online travel community prior to the trip, and meeting up for 6 days of travel together. We talked out some details beforehand and then midway through my trip, she touched down and we joined forces traveling the Southern Coast of the island together, and even taking a ferry to the Westman Islands, to Heimaey (largest island). If I had to sum up traveling as a Solo Female Traveler, I’d say it’s your power of intuition amplified. Traveling as two Solo Female Travelers is like doubling your powers, creating and discovering together with each of your strengths working for the both of you. I’m grateful for Carolyn driving us in our button of a car, getting us safely from town to town. For trekking two volcanos with me in one day, giving my auto timer on my camera a rest and taking some memorable photos of me, buying cheap beers and a very necessary gas station hot dog on our final night, and just sharing space and travel stories all along the way.

There is so much more I can (AND WILL) say about Iceland, but you’ll have to come back for the future posts. I’m thinking of writing them in themes, not necessarily in chronological order. To give you a rough idea I’m thinking of splitting the posts maybe something like this:

    • Volcanos and Hikes
    • Geothermal Baths, Rivers and Pools
    • Reykjavik’s Cooky Magic
    • Waterfalls
    • Whale Watching
    • Other notable Road Trip worthy Spots

Heimaey Island looks out to Iceland

Town on Vestmannaeyjar, Westman Islands looks out to 5000 year old volcano
 Bláa lónið (Blue Lagoon) Iceland
My farewell to this country took place at Bláa lónið (Blue Lagoon)
Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon brings you up close to Ice formed thousands of years ago

Café Babalú in Reykjavík for the WIN! STAR WARS themed Bathroom

Are you inspired to see ICELAND IN SUMMER? I hope I did my job. If Iceland is the country you see in your travel dreams, take the necessary steps to bring it to life. For all things Iceland check in weekly on this blog, or Instagram and subscribe if you want more travel content (and some exclusive photos, tips, and anecdotes) to your inbox. LOVE AND LIGHT MY TRAVELING SPIRITS!!


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  1. Beautiful photos!! Iceland has been for long on my bucket list, I have seen so many gorgeous photos of the country. I’d love to see Iceland as well in summer as in winter, I think both seasons will be nice.

  2. Those icelandic horses are so cute! My boyfriend has been trying to get me to visit Iceland with him (he’s been there before) but I must say that after seeing your photos, I’m actually going to add that to my list! Plus 24 hours of sunlight sounds like the perfect holiday for me. Looks like you had a great time 🙂

  3. Iceland is spectacular, but for me the right time to go was spring! I know it’s not green and there is still darkness coming every night, but I loved to see Iceland in such a transitioning season as spring. As for the continuous daylight, isn’t it amazing? I experienced it in northern Norway and the feeling was insane, we felt like we couldn’t stop because we wouldn’t ever get tired.

  4. Iceland is spectacular, but for me the right time to go was spring. I know it’s not green and there is still darkness coming every night, but I loved to see Iceland in such a transitioning season as spring. As for the continuous daylight, isn’t it amazing? I experienced it in northern Norway and the feeling was insane, we felt like we couldn’t stop because we wouldn’t ever get tired.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Only the sky should have welcomed you with some pleasant blue now and then 😉 I’d go for a trail with the island ponies and bathe in that warm pool!

  6. I’ve been saving up for Iceland for some time now. These pics remind me I need to get there sooner. Like now! If only wishes were horses. Can’t wait to see Kirkjufell and the volcanoes some day soon.

  7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures! Every shot captures a different coolness of Iceland and goodness, I want to visit right now! Also, I think every cafe bathroom should be Star Wars themed.

  8. Amazing pictures. Really great post. I can’t wait to go to Iceland.

  9. Wow! What amazing photos! I’ve definitely swooned! Iceland has been getting so much more attention lately and it’s clear why! So beautiful

  10. Iceland has been calling my name for so long, I really need to go!! Your pics are amazing!! Would love to drive to all these wonderful landscapes. Plus road trip is my favorite kind of traveling !

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