HEY MALLORCA, Isla Life, Gratitude and a Winged Messenger!

HEY MALLORCA, Isla Life, Gratitude and a Winged Messenger!

HEY MALLORCA!!! Aren’t you a sight for cold limbs and Vitamin D deprived skin. I’ve not just arrived to this glorious ISLA. As most of you know I arrived in pure summer/puro verano/ple estiu, and have now been here 4 going on 5 months. It took a spontaneous bike ride today to open my eyes a little to what I’ve been missing. . . What I’ve been missing when there are so many days calling for adventure and I wasn’t heeding the call. This island is to explore, this island is to enjoy; it’s for the senses; it’s for the heart; it’s a GIFT. It’s a gift that I Manifested. It’s a gift that was placed in my path because I wanted it, because I asked for it. And I asked for lessons here. I asked for my heart to continue discovering things about myself and to continue discovering the world and opening myself up to other people. It has not been the easiest journey now being in a different part of ESPAÑA, without my core group of anybody, you know someone to call on for a cafecito, someone to gossip with, someone to cook with. At least not right away. BUT I AM BUILDING. I AM BUILDING MY LIFE HERE. I’m hoping that in January it’s a little bit clearer to me if I can be here another year, if this is the place that I’m going to blossom and vibrate on a whole other frequency, BECAUSE IT’S WHAT I WANT. IT’S WHAT MY SOUL WANTS AND NEEDS.

Coll Baix Mallorca, España
Coll Baix was worth the intense hike
Mermaid on Land, Islas Baleares
Mermaid on Land, Mallorca

It can be scary, or it can be exciting. It can be the continuation of this chapter in Spain, and the continuation of my Mallorca Life. I have so much to be grateful for already. So without further ado. . .

“Es aquél el más bello lugar que haya habitado jamás y uno de los más hermosos que haya visto / [Mallorca ] is the most beautiful place I have ever lived and one of the most beautiful I have ever seen” -George Sand

Some treasures here on Isla Mallorca

Cala Pi, Majorca, Islas Baleares
Cala Pi, Majorca
East Coast, Summer in Majorca
East Coast of Mallorca
Mediterranean Views that make me love Mallorca
Breaking up the Drive for these Mediterranean Views
Ruta a Sa Calobra, Mallorca, España
Ruta a Sa Calobra, Majorca
Cala Tuent, Mallorca
Cala Tuent to escape the crowds
Formentor Beach, Mallorca
Sunset hour at Platja de Formentor
Pollensa, Mallorca, Islas Baleares
Pollensa, pueblo de mi corazoncito
Sineu, Mallorca, Spain
Mallorca Farm Life in Sineu, my Workaway Days
Cala de San Vicenç Mallorca, Spain
Cala de San Vicenç on a stormy day

Foods and Delights of Mallorca, Spain

Cala Mitjana, Mallorca, Islas Baleares
Cala Mitjana, Northeast Coast of Mallorca
Mallorca Views, Spain
I get lost in Mallorca’s truest blues

“…la infinita presencia del Mediterráneo, de un azul purísimo, como el terso cielo; y arriba, brillando esplendoroso, el sol / the infinite presence of the Mediterranean Sea, pure blue, like the smooth sky, and above, shining magnificently, the sun”

I have a vision still, a vision of my creativity exploding here and my writing exploding into complete freedom and bliss. Nothing can stop me but myself. Nothing can stop me but myself. Nothing can stop you QU-EEN, but yourself. I’m taking this day as a sign. Yesterday was the Winter Solstice and today is a new day, the start of the new year, this new cycle… how exciting. We get to start fresh, anew. We get to dust our palms, our shoulders, and step into the Present. Today I am inspired to live every day to the fullest here in Mallorca. No more hiding. No more walking with your head down. You say buenos días or BON DIA, you say HOLA, you say goodnight or BONA NIT. You immerse yourself, You become who you are meant to be here. This is your life. This is the life you have chosen. And I’m proud of how far you’ve come. So proud of this journey and this blessed life. And I hope I can continue sharing it with as many people who are my allies, and my teachers, and even with the ones that are going to get me into trouble. A little bit of trouble is never the worst thing. But surely with the ones that are going to continue opening me up and making me realize that this is blessed. . .THIS IS A BLESSED LIFE.

So, and now?

Gracìes Mallorca!! For Everything. For the five months of cracking me open, for making me smile, for stinging me with a jellyfish my first full week spent at the beach, for having me fall into dark wholes and teaching me to dig myself out again, for letting me float and swim in your waters, your salty salty waters that heal. For new faces, new challenges, new students, a new language (ese Mallorquín), a new part of the world to love and to grow in, and to put roots. And especially, Gracìes for the WHITE OWL: BÚHO BLANC that you have allowed me to see now twice. Both times near dusk, I was without words and near tears when the winged messenger flew across my path at eye level and rested nearby for me to witness. May you keep watching over me, and bringing me messages, messages of peace and warmth. I am open.



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